The funnest thing little Jack ever did

by Stone Semyorka

Little Jack McAdoo said it was the funnest thing he ever had done…riding the llama around Stone’s Point Park in Dotbyeul.

I encountered the kid just as he was dismounting near the visitor center. I say kid because he looked to be about 10 or so. Of course, I knew he had to be 18 or older in real life since he was logged into the Second Life main grid for adults. He was just role playing a kid.

He reminded me of a little girl I had found wondering through Stoneflower Gallery in Taerae in the middle of the night last winter. It was startling to find a preteen without a parent or guardian at 3 a.m. “Just exploring around a bit,” she had said…another case where I realized she had to be over 18 to be inside SL.

The girls school

I was talking about ageplay with my friend, Rainyday Writer, who wrote an article about it after parachuting into the Girls School Clubhouse grounds back in March. What Rain told me was an eye-opener.

“Girls School is a misnomer if I ever heard one,” Rain said “This elementary school look-alike is really something else.”

At the school, Rain had encountered a couple of “students” working the playground, Cammrynn Cummings and Kayoki Bade.

A resident plys her trade at the Girls School Clubhouse.

A student plys her trade at the Girls School Clubhouse in March. Over her name tag, she displays her group membership advertising slogan “schoolgirl4you”

Moonlighting at the girls school

Technically, Kayoki was not an employee of the school, Rain told me. She was an SL slave whose master sends her out to earn money as a prostitute. He takes three quarters of her earnings and makes her wear a collar that forces her avatar into submissive positions.

“Kayoki was working the playground because there was more money to be made there,” Rain explained. “She told me that usually she worked as a dancer and escort at a club called Sexsluts.”

The traffic of men coming in and out of the schoolyard for service seemed heavy, Rain recalled.

Earning up to L$30,000 a day

Rain asked Cammrynn about the amount of money she could earn as an adult posing as a child.

“I know girls that make L$30,000 a night,” Cammrynn told Rain. “I make around L$10,000 to L$20,000 when I work a good shift.”

With L$1,000 trading on the exchange for about US$4, Cammrynn takes in the equivalent of US$40-80 a night.

Rain asked her how many johns she services to earn that much? “Maybe 10 or so,” Cammrynn said. “Less some times.”

Girls and boys playing in the school yard

Girls and boys playing in the school yard

Who’s doing this?

It’s not unusual. Among the nearly 8 million of us, there are numerous residents practicing what is called ageplay. The ageplaying adults shift their shapes into characters ranging from infants to adolescents. As you might imagine, there are three common age ranges:

  • Infants, in which the ageplayer desires to be a toddler cared for entirely by someone else. I’m told mostly men want this role.
  • Juveniles, where the player wants to be seen as a prepubescent child, a preteen, a teenybopper. More women adopt this role.
  • Adolescents, in which the adult player regresses to become an adolescent. This is probably the most common sexual ageplay.
  • Parenthood or guardianship, in which the adult does not play the role of a child, but rather acts as a parent or guardian…a mommy or daddy to the adults playing children. I’m told there are not as many people who want to ageplay a parent or guardian so the kids have a tough time getting adopted. Another case of SL mimicking RL.

The Second Life Herald newspaper studied ageplay and came up with a list of relationship interest areas including dad-girl, dad-boy, mom-son, mom-daughter, sisters-twins, and others.

A school for hookers

When Rain asked if Cammrynn’s employer was helpful, she said, “yes…if you are true to the school it is good to you.”

They teach classes here,” she told Rain, referring to the training of newly-hired prostitutes. “If you’re not good, you can be. They teach you how to edit your av, shop, escort, and pleasure yourself.”

That day at the school Kayoki was asking visitors if they thought $150 was a good price for oral sex with $400 for “full service.” Visitors said they thought that was inexpensive and seemed willing to snap up a bargain, Rain noted.

Kayoki told Rain that, in RL, she lives in the U.S. state of Georgia. When asked about her hometown environment, she told Rain, “The problem is I am not a Christian and I live in what I would call Bibleville.” She said she practices no religion “at the moment.”

Who’s in charge here?

Rain did some research and found the Girls School Clubhouse was operated by Lolita Empire Inc. founded by Lolita McAllister. I was unable to reach McAllister for comment for this post. The search keywords associated with the school’s listing include escort, slut, sex, XXX, BDSM, prostitute, hooker, whore, porn, college, school and roleplay. Apparently the term ageplay has had such bad PR that now they want to call it roleplay.

Rain described large billboards adjacent to the school grounds with ads for such products as the Swallow, the Pearl Necklace, the Breast Stroke, the Honey Glass, Everhard [penis] 4.0, Dirty Talk, Ultimate Submission, and 80 Model Poses.

Is a cleanup underway?

Linden Labs said on July 2 that it “remains committed to…reliable age verification where appropriate.” The company said it soon will roll out an age verification tool to ensure minors do not have access to adult content. And the company wants those laws that protect children in the real world also to apply to the virtual world.

Protecting children from adults is different, of course, from protecting adults from themselves. Keeping people under 18 from the main grid is not the same as disallowing ageplay in SL.

One sign in the school yard looked like it had been planted by Linden Labs.

One sign in the school yard in March looked like it had been planted by Linden Labs. The sign is no longer there.

On the other hand, LL seems to be trying to clean up SL’s image.

Rain said there was one sign on the Girls School Clubhouse grounds that looked like it may have been planted by Linden Labs. It read, “Paid sex unsafe, Second Life, Our world, our imagination.” However, it did not seem to be deterring anything that day, Rain suggested.

According to the March 9 issue of the Second Life Herald, age play groups are growing at the rate of 1 percent per week. The paper reported an escort service was charging L$300 for the first 10 minutes with a child.

So what was Rain’s suggestion for a solution to sexual ageplay? LL should create a faraway island paradise for the ageplayers and keep them away from the other 7 million good people.

At the end of our conversation, Rain pointed out that, despite Linden Labs effort to clean up SL, there still is a lot of aberrant behavior giving our world a black eye.

I wanted to see for myself

I know from personal experience that there are plenty of slave masters, male exhibitionists and ageplayers on the loose. Some of them operate way too close to the Welcome Areas where newbies are born.

So I decided to see if the girls school still was in business and if LL had tried to clean it up. I flew into the school yard in the Yongchon region.

I noticed immediately that it seemed Linden Labs had been doing some house cleaning. The school sign now says Fairy School Clubhouse rather than Girls School Clubhouse. Probably didn’t take much Photoshop time to change that texture, I thought.

The message on the sign is “Welcome class of 2007. Enroll today.” That part of the sign was the same as what Rain had seen months ago.

Clicking brings forth a school registration card which includes a price list and your certification that you are 18 or older. It also wants to know if you are straight, bi or lesbian and what your secret fantasy is.

Clicking also delivers a mission statement: “We work to become the best escort service in SL in order to fight loneliness and help bring world peace.” So, they aspire to be the best little whorehouse in SL.

SEX junior Tiffany Skall shows off her schoolgirl outfit

SEX JuniorTiffany Skall shows off her schoolgirl outfit

The Abbey of Theleme

By the way, this school has a chapel — the Abbey of Theleme. That bears further investigation in the future.

Lolita McAllister is president of the school as well as the abbess and high priestess of the five-rayed silver star of the Abbey of Theleme. Each of the star’s rays is one of the five elements of nature, and it reflects the silver light of the moon. Who wants to quibble over the color of SL’s moon, which seems white to most people?

McAllister, who describes herself in the Fairy School Clubhouse profile as Mistress of many slaves, founded and is governess of the School of Escorting Xcellence (S.E.X.) which is at the Cherry18 Cheerleader Camp. Can you guess where that is located? If you said Fairy School Clubhouse, you were right on target. See how this all comes together?

Right next door, by the way, is the School of Interactive Learning, which teaches dominants and submissives. That is, Masters and slaves. The owner of that group? Jonathan Scamper, who also is Chief Executive of S.E.X., the school founded by governess McAllister.

The interlocking relationships are enough to make your head spin.

Testing the new pupils

It appears from their paperwork that Scamper and somebody named Joltfreek Skall are the men who orient the new women students as they enter the school. I’m sure it’s an unpleasant job, but somebody has to do it.

“Should you find yourself craving a sudden and quite delicious turning toward your darker urges,” Scamper says on his RL website, “please do visit me at my store. I believe I should have you strapped up and ready for anything that your evening throws at you.”

Scamper offers “instruction in both the arts of devotion and mastery.”

How much does that cost? “Slave training bears a one-time fee of L$1,000,” Scamper says. “For an aspiring master, I charge a one-time fee of L$2,000.”

Lemonade stand in front of the school building

Lemonade stand in front of the school building

The air was filled with frolicking johns

Did I mention there also was a cute kid-style lemonade stand in the school yard. During the few moments I was on the grounds and inside the school, plenty of men were flying in. They were in luck.

Trolling the grounds were Daniela Negulesco, whose name tag labeled her as “Cherry18 4 YOU,” Kenzie Beresford and Isabl Bailey. They definitely were role-playing young girls. There was no way to tell how old they may be in RL.

Kenzie and Isabl were less than a month old in SL, while Daniela was less than four months old. Kenzie and Isabl were desssed in red-plaid school uniforms while Daniela was dressed in a slutty red-and-white prison-stripe outfit.

Looking beyond the sign in the yard, I found the full name of the institution is a mouthful: The School of Escorting Xcellence Sanctuary, Resort, and School of Sex Magic. Clever. The acronym: S.E.X.

For those with a technical bent, the magic referred to here is kama sutra, tantric and alchemical.

McAllister refers to the facility as “a school for escorts and anyone interested in BDSM.”

BDSM is sexual behavior involving bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism, as well as domination and submission. Sexual ageplay is a form of BDSM because of its dominance and submission aspects.

“No child avs allowed here,” she declares. “I am so sorry to discriminate, but we do not have a choice.” Sounds again like the heavy hand of the Linden Labs clean-up squad has been here.

McAllister didn’t talk to me in person, but she issued a notecard that overflowed with details.

GSC alum, now all grown up, Yuko Nakamura stops by for a visit

GSC alum, now all grown up, Yuko Nakamura stops by for a visit

Where did the School of Escorting Excellence idea come from?

“The school was inspired by the popular Japanese illustrated novels (comics) called Manga, cartoon animations called Anime, and the XXX erotica Hentai,” McAllister wrote. “Our motto is from Rabelais: Do what thou Wilt!”

François Rabelais was a 16th century French Renaissance doctor who wrote humorous pamphlets.

Girls vs. women

I’m comfortable with the SL division between teen and adult at 18. Let’s refer to females age 18 and up as women and younger as girls.

We know all of the females employed by McAllister are women since they have to be 18 or older to enter the main Second Life grid where the school is. However, McAllister insists on calling them girls which harks back to the old days of ageplay.

“All our girls are 18+ in RL and SL so feel free to ask these girls to dance at one of our socials, or for a date in a more intimate setting,” she added. “They are sweet, cute, and usually very submissive and, yes, they really do need help paying their tuition.”

Did you get that subtlety? They are 18+ in SL. That means no one is role-playing a teenybopper in this school yard. Thank you, LL.

What pedagogical techniques are in use at the school?

McAllister said sex magic is taught in small classes focused on individuals or couples. “Sex can be experienced as a sacred act and mystical ascent to the holiest of holies,” she wrote.

“Anyone interested in learning methods of drawing out their inner sexual god or goddess — or anything in between — to please themselves and their partner(s) can enroll in our sex magic courses,” McAllister wrote.

The note didn’t clarify what status was between god and goddess.

One of the girls school classrooms. The blackboard presents ‘Ten Commandments of a Lady’s Pleasure.’

One of the girls school classrooms. The blackboard lists ‘Ten Commandments of a Lady’s Pleasure.’

She described the ancient and modern sex techniques taught by her school as “great for SL and RL sex.”

Trying to reassure timid women who might be considering enrolling, McAllister said “You are safe and welcome here.”

“Our grounds are a resort for all who will use them,” McAllister wrote. “Our school grounds are a sanctuary for your desires.”

The word fantasy and euphemisms for it were everywhere. “Our girls…can transform into any fantasy lover,” McAllister said. “This is the world of fantasy and your imagination is your own.” Again I sensed the presence of LL legal beagles. However, transforming into any fantasy lover could mean adopting a child’s shape and skin.

May I take a sex magic course?

McAllister’s note said her sex magic courses are open to “our girls” and to “the general public, male and female (and everyone in between).” There’s that unexplained status between genders again.

However, the same notecard says, “Enrollment into the School, itself, is exclusive to females.” Clearly, there is a difference between taking a short course in sexual techniques and enrolling in the school.

This is self-paced education. The women may advance in grades entirely at their own pace if they choose to do so. The women who enroll are encouraged to take the sex magic courses.

“All girls enrolled attend Orientation,” McAllister said. That course “explains in detail their duties and privileges.”

In other words, the women are told how an escort service job works. They are given advice on how to shop for clothing, hair, skins and shapes. They also receive tutorials on posing, cyber, editing their appearance, and using SexXxGen and Xcite products.

Is all this knowledge free?

Nope. A fee of L$93 is charged for each 20-30 minute class to cover McAllister’s expenses in operating the school.

The school charges a greater fee for enrollment, L$148.

In addition, women who enroll pay a tuition of 15 percent of all they take in as an escort providing services to the general public.

McAllister loans money to newbie women and others who she finds qualified because they deliver “good cyber.” For that, she also may wave the enrollment fee.

What is cyber?

Cyber is a virtual sexual encounter in which two or more SL residents send one another sexually explicit messages describing a fictional sexual experience.

It is fantasy role-playing through chat or IM in which the people pretend they are actually necking, petting and having intercourse by describing their imaginary actions and responding to their conversation partners in words designed to arouse each other sexually.

The Sl residents do not have to be in each other’s presence to accomplish cyber. Of course, they may be together. If so, they may or may not use pose balls.

The notecard didn’t explain how McAllister assesses the women’s cyber talents.

How much do enrolled women charge to service the public?

Bearing in mind that L$1,000 costs about US$4 on the exchange, here’s McAllister’s rate card:

Level 1 service, which is stripping and posing, costs L$25 per five minutes.
Level 2, which is oral sex is L$100.
Level 3, described generically as “private time” in one of the school’s dorm rooms or at some other location, costs L$350 per fifteen minutes.

“Experienced girls may charge more…at their own discretion” McAllister wrote. “Some more than twice as much.”

Each girl must pay the school before they leave for the day the tuition of 15 percent of all they take in.

Some questions for SL residents to ponder.

Is Second Life a giant social network? If so, what is socially acceptable here? Fictional incest? Fictional pedophilia? Fictional sadomasochism?

The sexual ageplayers fear being associated with pedophilia. They say that neither fictional parent nor fictional child believe there is a real child involved, and that they are consenting adults with one player merely expressing the emotional vulnerability of a child. Is that socially acceptable?

The school is not unusual.

LL likes to say that SL is not exactly a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). In particular, Second Life provides tremendous freedom to the almost 8 million of us residents — freedom to make of the world whatever we want. Our experiences in-world are whatever we desire. And any newbie can tell you that a lot of people seem to want sex.

Which is exactly why I always say SL mimics RL.

Denouement: Is there a parent fantasy?

Oh, one more thing. Rain did say that a friend had told the story of a life-partnership couple in SL who engaged in ageplay simply to have a child to raise. It was not sexual ageplay, according to Rain’s friend. Their fantasy was to rear offspring within an SL marriage.

Adoption services exist in SL. However, Rain had not met such a non-sexual couple raising an innocent child.

An adult plays a little girl at a public event in SL

An adult plays a little girl at a July public event elsewhere in SL, not at the girls school. She typifies innocent ageplay in SL and has nothing to do with the school and nothing to do with sexual ageplay.

3 Responses to The funnest thing little Jack ever did

  1. UPDATE August 12, 2007: Ayla Holt, founder of MIA Cuddle Park, made the entire MIA island off limits to child avatars.

    “If you play as a child avatar, you will need to be in adult form to be allowed on the island of MIA,” she wrote in a public notice. “We are a mature sim and will remain so.

    “Any persons found to be under the age of 18 will be ejected, banned and reported to Linden Labs,” Holt said.

    Many areas of MIA island already were off limits to children and child avatars. The new decision makes it an island-wide policy.

  2. secondedition says:

    UPDATE: Linden Lab eventually banned all age-play anywhere and they enforce the law energetically. They also created a separate continent in the SL world for XXX-rated entertainment. Here’s a web page that explains the new age limits. which are strictly enforced. The special-use adult continent, called Zindra, is an alternative where adult content and activities are located and found only by age-verified residents. Land rated adult is not found anywhere else on the SL grid.

  3. yuko says:

    wow, i found this page after looking up the school, its been yeas n years since i worked there, such fun times and i miss everyone there.

    im amazed there are pictures of me here lol

    Yuk0 Nakamura xxxxxxxxxx

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