Who needs history?

by Stone Semyorka

We do, if we want SL to have more than a quick 15 minutes of fame. We need to build a strong foundation under our virtual world.

We live in a new era. Second Life just entered our real lives in 2003. There hasn’t been a lot of time for historians to write about what went on here before we arrived.

Mythical dragon serpent at Morris welcome area
Mythical dragon serpent at Morris welcome area commemorates ancient times before we arrived in our virtual world

The present has its roots in the past, and knowledge of our past is necessary for understanding the present. History helps us understand our foundation — how we reached the point where we are today.

This is the time to recover our history so those of us in-world at this time as well as our descendants will be aware of our social, literary, political, economic and scientific history, and of our people, machines, artifacts and systems.

Stone’s Point Pirates museum
Museum inside Stone’s Point Light commemorates the pirates who sailed near our sea coast

Knowledge of Second Life before 2003 will help explain our lives from a community-development standpoint: where we have been, what we have overcome, and what we individually and cooperatively have achieved, sometimes against daunting technical and social odds.

For many people, history is dull, dry, dreary. In fact, many imagine history is irrelevant to the present. However, the belief here is history is informative, stimulating,and encouraging to SL residents.

Bathysphere interior 1
Scientists work inside Stone’s Harbor Bathysphere Research Station

Second Edition’s special new World History page, reporting accounts of individual courage and fortitude as they are discovered, is an exciting way of disseminating information about our world before 2003 . With that knowledge should come a familiarity, comfort and tolerance across the whole SL world.

The study of history is a living, vital activity. We can’t escape history. We’re all caught up in its effects. We live better, work more effectively and play with greater fun when we know something of the history that has produced the present moment.

Check it out. Learn about such diverse topics as:

  • a bathysphere research station studying the history of undersea exploration in SL
  • the most famous SL pirate of all, Cap’n Brody Redbeard and the wreck of his ship MDR
  • spelunking over the decades in Second Life.

The ongoing report is called World History and is linked from the top of every page of this Second Edition blog or you can just click the link below…

Read about Second Life world history »

Acknowledgement: I am grateful to the historians at Stone’s Point Academy and its Second Life Center for Scholarly Research in Social, Political, Cultural, Psychological, Economic, Literary and Scientific History for their invaluable assistance in preparation of this article and critical review of the world history manuscripts.

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