Les Plus Belles Lunettes du Monde

by Stone Semyorka

Ten million people around the world could die from breast cancer in the next 25 years if a cure isn’t found.

That’s a lot of people, but their situation isn’t hopeless.

They have compassionate helpers on their side in the world’s largest grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists — the former Susan G. Komen Foundation, known now as Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Pink ribbon
I’m sure you’ve seen those pink ribbons everywhere

Money raised is intended for curing breast cancer, from the causes to the cures, to the pain and anxiety of the moments in between.

The Komen group tries to improve the quality of life and, in fact, save lives through community grants for breast health, risk factor screening, diagnosis and treatment. They make available information and tools for patients and survivors.

A cause without borders

The Komen group puts a global face and voice to the breast cancer movement with local people on college campuses and in 125 US cities and communities, along with local, state, federal and international advocates, and with with projects underway in a dozen countries.

To date, the Komen group has provided millions in funding outside of the US for breast cancer research and international community education and outreach programs.

Main entrance book
Main entrance to the Pink for Life sim on Elyseum

International affiliates are active in Europe and Central America with Komen Race for the Cure events.

A long history

This is not new, of course. The Komen group has supported breast cancer research for 25 years.

Millions of people have taken part in the annual Komen Race for the Cure in thousands of local communities.

Komen was founded on a promise between two sisters. Here is Susan G. Komen’s Story.

Today, the Komen organization is politically active.

Pink October

October has been designated international month for the fight against breast cancer, and called Pink October.

Yogi chats with visitors and staff
Elyseum’s chief designer Yogi Huldschinsky chats with visitors and staff

Pink for Life

In France, a day of charitable activities called Pink For Life is set for this October.

It’s a sequel to last year’s successful 100 Women for Life which gathered 126 famous women in fighting breast cancer at an event sponsored by Gustave Roussy Cancerology Institute, which is the main European research center in cancer research.

In fact, on the Champs-Élysées in RL Paris on October 9 and 10, there will be a huge exhibition followed by an auction of pink objects donated by famous fashion designers and manufacturers of luxury brands.

Champs-Élysées is the most prestigious and broadest avenue in Paris.

Simultaneously, a Second Life design firm — ConceptSL — will bring the event into SL.

ConceptSL has created a Second Life exhibition of some of those special pink luxury creations and will conduct an eBay auction of those items. To allow time for a maximum number of people to see the SL exhibition and bid in the auction, the in-world event will be in place from October 1-10. The eBay auctions will cover the same period.

Taking a look

I wanted to see for myself so I teleported over to Elyseum where I ran into chief designer Yogi Huldschinsky. He took me on a quick tour of the exquisite facility.

Ramp walkway
A visitor descends a ramp walkway connecting venues on the Elyseum sim

“This is the Exhibition Hall,” Yogi said. “We are working with the French Institute of Cancerology, Gustave Roussy.

“There will be an RL exhibition on the Champs-Élysées in Paris in October,” he said. “We’re preparing the SL side of it, which will be [open] during the RL event.”

I wondered how long it took to build the lovely sim.

“Maybe one month,” he replied. “Plus a couple of weeks for the shop only.

“We tried to optimize the number of prims required, so we built big first and then reduced it,” he said. “We wanted to build something nice.”

One novel approach by Yogi and his crew was the use for teleport stations of miniature models of the various venues on the sim. The rotating 3-D models replaced the usual 2-D pictures many designers use for TP links.

The strongest points

For me, there are two most important features of the sim: the boutique shop and the Pink for Life area.

The Shop

Les Plus Belles Lunettes du Monde is a boutique. The name translates to “Most beautiful glasses of the world.”

Sarnin glasses
Stephane Sarnin from Histoire de Voir designs glasses using leather cuts from Hermes

“This is a 3-D modeling of a real shop in Paris,” Yogi explained. “The RL shop is covered with purple plus Svarowskis diamonds.

The shop has an RL website.

“We covered the wall here with more than 400 stars representing the sky and constellations,” Yogi explained.

Glasses in shop case
Glasses on display in a shop case against the star-studded wall

“This shop has been built to present designers’ work and universe in SL,” he explained, “not much for the selling.”

The fashion designers

“We have three fashion designers represented here,” he said.

“This one is Stephane Sarnin from Histoire de Voir. He designs glasses using leather cuts from Hermes,” Yogi explained. “Look at the texturing.”

“This one is Ricardo Nava, a spanish glasses designer,” he said. “Some [of his] glasses have been built from 3-D RL modeling.”

“The third designer is Koali,” he said. “designing glasses inspired by wild life and animals. Mostly texturing work more than modeling.”

Koali glasses
Koali’s designs for eye glasses are inspired by wild life and animals

It wouldn’t be a shop in SL if it didn’t have free gifts for shoppers.

There are “some freebies here, also,” Yogi pointed out. “Some gifts from the real world : bags and boxes.”

The Pink for Life area

“We are working on a big mix-reality event,” Yogu said. “This is a non-profit event for breast cancer research.”

Pink for Life area
Yogi shows a visitor the Exhibition Hall, which houses the Pink for Life exhibits in SL for the Gustave Roussy French Institute of Cancerology while the RL exhibition is on the Champs-Élysées in Paris in October.

“SL Insider called it rose for life,” he said, but “we call it Pink for Life.”

The Pink for Life website has details.

Touring the sim

The main entrance has a huge book on top. The information desk is a kiosk with an “i” on top.

Main entrance topped by a huge book
A visitor reads from the huge book atop the sim’s main entrance

The Parisian-style boutique Les Plus Belles Lunettes du Monde is a mix of optical products, luxury goods, and fashion designs. Shapes, textures, colors and lighting have been given special care to obtain a final Second Life rendering very close to the original model.

Other areas in addition to the shop include the NoMajors café and concert venue, a fashion show arena, an exhibition hall, a lounge bar, a lovely garden and an overlook.

Concert space
The café and concert space is sponsored by NoMajors to help their recording artists meet fans and present their latest albums.

The exhibition hall is a generic space to organize exhibitions, recreate arts galleries, or show pictures or banners.

The space will be entirely redesigned for each show and customized to host the collections of designers and artists.

Lounge bar
The lounge bar is a sophisticated, comfortable private space for VIP meetings, concerts, performances, conferences or after-show parties.

The fashion show arena is a podium for fashion exhibitions and designer product presentations.

What’s in a name?

Yogi, himself, has a novel avatar. I had to ask what character he was modeling.

“It’s a mix of Zeus with a tall black guy,” he said.

Yogi himself
Yogi Huldschinsky welcomes visitors at the main entrance

I asked if his avatar’s name is significant?

“Friends call me yogi in RL,” he replied.

I reminded him of the comic character Yogi Bear.

“Yep, exactly,” he responded, “although i don’t look like a bear.”

“I liked the comic character,” he explained.

Ways to learn more

Think you’re alone? Visit the Komen message boards.

See the Komen for the Cure websites.

Read about the Susan G. Komen the Cure organization.


3 Responses to Les Plus Belles Lunettes du Monde

  1. Hey Stone,

    That was a very good article you wrote here. Thanks very much. We’re doing our best for the SL community and to support breast cancer research. I’m glad you noticed it.


  2. Nicolas Jung says:

    Hey Stone ! thanks for this article. We are glad you enjoyed our island and our support to breast cancer research. Our staff members are glad their work was appreciated.


  3. This comment was received via email from Yogi Huldschinsky:

    Yogi Huldschinsky | yogi.huldschinsky@conceptsl.com | ConceptSL.com

    Press Release Update – Pink For Life event updated

    Hi Stone, hope everything’s fine since last time 🙂

    Just wanted to give you some update about the Pink for Life operation we are setting up :

    Thanks to a lot of support and feedback from the SL community (thanks everyone !), we have modified the organization for a more effective event.
    Moreover, after intensive negociations, we have now the opportunity to reproduce on SL some objects from the RL exhibition (we should thank here the fashion designers and luxury brands that allowed this !).

    To facilitate the RL objects reproduction and the setting up of the SL exhibition, the “Pink for Life on SL” operation will take place at the same time as the RL exhibition : Oct. 9 and 10.

    Instead of the “auction sale” of virtual goods we will give away pink ribbons “Pink for Life on SL”, and set up a donate box in the exhibition hall to receive donations in L$.

    We are offering the SL designers community a chance to help in setting up all this by “lending” their pink objects, which will be exposed along the RL reproduced objects.
    Selected designers will also be put forward during the entire operation on our website : ConceptSL.com

    In order for us to reproduce a maximum of RL objects, and to enable more SL designers to submit their creations, we are extending the submission deadline to October 4th. Please send pictures of your objects to fashion@conceptsl.com
    (If you intend to participate please send an IM to Yogi Huldschinsky to facilitate the organization).

    As usual you can find all the details on the dedicated webpage : http://www.ConceptSL.com/igr.php

    P.S. : we are still looking for models and stewards/stewardess to wear the clothes during the exhibition and also to answer visitor’s questions.
    If you are interested, please send us an email : contact@conceptsl.com
    Par ailleurs, nous cherchons des modèles pour porter les vêtements pendant l’exposition et pour répondre aux questions des visiteurs.
    Si vous êtes intéressés, merci de nous envoyer un email à contact@conceptsl.com


    Yogi Huldschinsky
    Pink For Life Event Organizer

    Yohan LAUNAY
    Project Manager ConceptSL

    +33 (0) 6 66 68 02 66

    H2i France – ConceptSL
    24, rue Louis Blanc
    75010 Paris
    Paris – (France)

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