The princess of green in her green castle

Millions of colors. The phrase rolls easily off the lips, but what does it really mean? What colors are we talking about? How many millions?

Haley Woodstock

HALEY Salomon at Woodstock last August for a performance by one of Second Life’s best singer/songwriters, Rich Desoto.

Suppose someone hankered for just one of the millions?

The phrase “millions of colors” refers to the hues we use in making pretty pages on the Web and in Second Life. The actual total is 256x256x256 or 16,777,216. Let’s round off to, say, about 17 million.

I know, people say 16 million colors all the time, but they weren’t present the day they taught rounding.

Anyway. we have about 17 million different colors to play with.

Haley Goth Fairy

Pick a color…

AliceBlue, AntiqueWhite, Aqua, Aquamarine, Azure, Beige, Bisque, Black, BlanchedAlmond, Blue, BlueViolet, Brown, BurlyWood, CadetBlue, Chartreuse, Chocolate, Coral, CornflowerBlue, Cornsilk, Crimson, Cyan, DarkBlue, DarkCyan, DarkGoldenRod, DarkGray, DarkGreen, DarkKhaki, DarkMagenta, DarkOliveGreen, Darkorange, DarkOrchid, DarkRed,

Haley Horseback

DarkSalmon, DarkSeaGreen, DarkSlateBlue, DarkSlateGray, DarkTurquoise, DarkViolet, DeepPink, DeepSkyBlue, DimGray, DodgerBlue, FireBrick, FloralWhite, ForestGreen, Fuchsia, Gainsboro, GhostWhite, Gold, GoldenRod, Gray, Green, GreenYellow, HoneyDew, HotPink, IndianRed, Indigo, Ivory, Khaki, Lavender, LavenderBlush, LawnGreen, LemonChiffon,

Haley Lillyanne Lustre Hat

Hat by Lillyanne Lustre

LightBlue, LightCoral, LightCyan, LightGoldenRodYellow, LightGray, LightGreen, LightPink, LightSalmon, LightSeaGreen, LightSkyBlue, LightSlateGray, LightSteelBlue, LightYellow, Lime, LimeGreen, Linen, Magenta, Maroon, MediumAquaMarine, MediumBlue, MediumOrchid, MediumPurple, MediumSeaGreen, MediumSlateBlue, MediumSpringGreen, MediumTurquoise,

Haley Daisy

Oh, this is not the green castle. This is the other one.

MediumVioletRed, MidnightBlue, MintCream, MistyRose, Moccasin, NavajoWhite, Navy, OldLace, Olive, OliveDrab, Orange, OrangeRed, Orchid, PaleGoldenRod, PaleGreen, PaleTurquoise, PaleVioletRed, PapayaWhip, PeachPuff, Peru, Pink, Plum, PowderBlue,

Haley Star Trek

Standing in for Jean-Luc.

Purple, Red, RosyBrown, RoyalBlue, SaddleBrown, Salmon, SandyBrown, SeaGreen, SeaShell, Sienna, Silver, SkyBlue, SlateBlue, SlateGray, Snow, SpringGreen, SteelBlue, Tan, Teal, Thistle, Tomato, Turquoise, Violet, Wheat, White, WhiteSmoke, Yellow, YellowGreen.

Haley Dragon

I told you the dragon is green.

What did you choose?

Those are the color names understood by most Web browsers. A long way from 17 million names, but it’s a good start. By the way, these are merely nicknames for their real names in computer-speak, which read like FAEBD7, CD5C5C, and 4682B4.

Here’s a place you can bone up on HTML colors and color names and color values.

Haley AnnMargaret

Second Life surely is a rainbow-hued world.

What’s in your wallet?

If you had all these color names to choose from, would you select green?

Well, my old SL friend and neighbor HALEY Salomon did and she loves it!

Haley Time to Remember

In fact, she tags herself as the princess of green. She lives in a green castle. She always wears green. Even her dragon is green.

We’re talking green here. If it’s green, she loves it. DarkGreen, OliveGreen, ForestGreen, LawnGreen, LightGreen, SeaGreen, LimeGreen, PaleGreen, SpringGreen, YellowGreen, and their variants. Her shade is green.

Haley Wonderland

Oh, by the way, my Mac tells me that YellowGreen and GreenYellow are two different colors. Imagine that! It says GreenYellow is ADFF2F and YellowGreen is 9ACD32. How’s that for splitting hairs?

It also says the color we see depends on the wavelength of light we receive in our eyes and has nothing to do with its intensity or lightness. Whew! This Mac is way too geeky.

Haley Second Life is Good

Anyway, check out this royal’s green wardrobe. What do do you think?

Haley New Boots

From back in the day, an honest-to-god poodle skirt. I kid you not.

Haley’s superb photographic work is on display at the Dreams snapshot competition and mentioned by Hamlet Au in his New World Notes blog.

One Response to The princess of green in her green castle

  1. No longer a princess, HALEY now is the Queen of Green Acres in the in-world game of Tiny Empires!! ,

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