So what is Second Life?

Second Life is a popular, three-dimensional virtual-reality world — a computer-simulated environment which users inhabit.

Users move about the on-screen environment and interact with each other via their digital representatives known as avatars, which are persons in Second Life. Communication is by text and voice chat.

As a virtual representation of a user’s real-life self, the look and feel of an avatar is limited only by the individual’s creativity.

Portraits of Some Second Life Residents
avatar portrait avatar portrait avatar portrait
avatar portrait avatar portrait avatar portrait
avatar portrait avatar portrait avatar portrait
Stoneflower Photography Studio in Second Life

The ultimate social networking

A free downloadable Second Life Viewer enables residents of Second Life
to interact with each other through their on-screen avatars, providing
an extraordinarily advanced level of social networking.

Everything you may find and encounter in the SL community has been created by the users.

Video: What is Second Life?

It is important to note that the user account registration is free and the downloadable viewer software is free.

Universities in SL

Many higher-education institutions are engaging this multi-user environment to enhance student learning by establishing virtual campuses and learning spaces and by encouraging the exploration of the seemingly endless variety of virtual environments designed and created by SL residents.

The UNCP in SL campus has been open and growing since 2007. We encourage you to visit and explore ways to incorporate the UNCP in SL campus in your teaching, learning, service and scholarly creative activities.

How to get started

Here’s a web age that explains how to register for a free Second Life account and download the free Second Life viewer software so you can visit, among other things, the UNCP in SL campus:

How to get started in Second Life

Some other Second Life resources:

Second Life main website

Free account sign up

Computer system requirements

Download the free viewer

Second Life Showcase — Education and Nonprofits

SL Education Wiki

SL Educators Listserv — The SLED List

New Media Consortium — NMC Campus Observer

International Society for Technology in Education — ISTE in Second Life

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