Ice skating in Second Life

If you haven’t tried skating in Second Life, you really must this year. It can be very relaxing when the music is right and the scene is lovely.

A very enjoyable place to try out skating surrounds the home of Timeless Photography in Kalamata. The folks there have turned their sim into a most delightful and relaxing winter wonderland with huge ponds for public ice skating.

It’s free and open 24/7. Free skates are available.

This kind of skating is fully automated with plenty of snow everywhere.

I captured some video on the skating pond at Timeless Photography park on Thanksgiving Day. Stone’s Thanksgiving Skate can be seen on YouTube.

Second Life partners Chief Blackhawk and Trixee Trotter have their photography studio and in-world business offices and home on the sim.

They both are Master Photographers certified by Team photoLIFE. You know…SL profiles, business publicity shots, wedding photos, pix of couples, advertising photos, rez day parties and the like. They also specialize in videography, including 3D model videos, videos of weddings and commercial videos for entertainers.

Their gallery displays extraordinary photographs. They have benches to sit on and a nice water fall while you listen to music and enjoy the surroundings.

Here are some still photos I shot during my visit:

Here are some of Timeless Photography’s Web links to follow:
Flicker photos
WordPress blog
Blogspot blog
More videos

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