Where everybody knows your name

Do you remember Cheers, the American sitcom television series that aired for 11 seasons from 1982 to 1993?

The show was set in Cheers, a bar named after the popular toast, in Boston, Massachusetts, where a group of locals met to drink, relax, and socialize.

Muddy's Music Cafe through the front door window

Muddy’s Music Cafe through the front door window

The bar had a theme song, Where Everybody Knows Your Name, which may have stuck in your mind. It seems as if everybody over 30 remembers the tune.

Lean forward

Now leap forward 30 years into the virtual reality world Second Life and teleport to Muddys (128, 104, 21).

Muddy’s is a bar club where everybody knows your name. It’s motto is “The party never stops @ Muddy’s”

Many people travel in Second Life for the music venues and experiences and Muddy’s probably is the most wholesome of all of them. It offers entertainment for people of all ages in a mellow environment. The club is extraordinarily well built.

Muddy's Music Cafe dance floor

Muddy’s Music Cafe dance floor

The music never stops

It operates around the clock, 24/7, as a  PG music cafe offering the best rock from many genres, blues, jazz, and country music.

PG means the music is clean and you have to wear clothes.

Muddy’s is said to be the number one top-40 club in Second Life.

Muddy's Music Cafe host Naigo

Muddy’s Music Cafe host Naigo

Lots of friendliness, no drama

The atmosphere is no drama and lots of friendliness.

Like Cheers in the 1980s, friends have kept this club alive for years in the 2000s by creating a family atmosphere. Newcomers are welcomed heartily.

Muddy's Music Cafe dog Muddy

An old dog named Muddy is the proprietor and always on hand

It’s one big family

There actually are some 5,000 family members. It is a huge extended family of people who love the place and go there as often as their real lives permit.

It’s one of the most friendly and fun clubs on the grid.

The DJs and hosts are live and dancing is what everyone does at Muddy’s. It’s a continuous party.

Muddy's Music Cafe DJ Kai, the best of the best

Muddy’s Music Cafe DJ Kai, the best of the best

Live people

Muddy’s DJs are a talented mix of folks from the U.S., U.K., Australia, and other countries of Europe.

This is a place with real live people. The DJs and hosts talk to the crowd, of course, but it’s great fun to listen to the conversation among all of the dancers. They talk about whatever they wish, from the weather to politics to money and the environment.

Muddy's Music Cafe dance floor

Muddy’s Music Cafe dance floor

Many come just to hang out and listen to the music. They sometimes go AFK (away from the keyboard) doing other other things while enjoying the tunes.

Muddy’s is simply a nice relaxed place to enjoy music and  dance.

Muddy's Music Cafe through the front door

Muddy’s Music Cafe through the front door

Ways to enjoy Muddy’s

Visit Muddy’s Music Cafe in-world at this SLURL.

You don’t have to log into Second Life to hear Muddy’s music.  The club offers an Internet live stream via TuneIn Radio.

Muddy’s Facebook page.

There’s a video on YouTube.

Photo gallery:  Click any image to enlarge.

Photos of Muddy’s by others: The Beauty of Second Life blog.

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